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POP 101 » Marianas Trench (barely ft. Anami Vice)

Pop music 101 / Some simple instructions / Forget first impression / Now let’s start with a first one / A minor chord, tensions grow / Fade in the bass like so / Now with momentum, go, stop / And bring the beat back / It’s time, go on the floor / A beat you can’t ignore / Bring sexy back once more / (Yeah) / We love that / (Yeah) / For sho’ / The chords are 1-4-6-4 / Now I’m talkin’ fam-il-i-ar / Harmonies in thirds not fourths / We’ll take you into the pre-chorus / Be quick now, don’t you bore us / Hurry up and get to the chorus / Get down, they won’t ignore us / Now get to the floor / And here’s some words you should know: / “Like DJ never let me go” / Pour shots and then we’ll lose control / Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby / How ‘bout one more last word like: / “Hey girl, we’ve only got tonight” / Some things just go together like / Higher, desire, and fire / Guitars and strings like these / To sound like Black Eyed Peas / This one’s a filtered swing / This one’s electric keys / Hit some music on cassette / But you probably don’t know that yet / 8-0-8 / (Hey! Oh!) / Hell yeah! / Heartfelt pop anthems / From Mumford and his sons / Gang vocals here we come / Thinking I will always wait / Can’t slow down / Take it to the chorus! / Up the pitch, shift up / Forcify / I can make my voice low / The bridge is the part when / We bring in a rapper friend / Sup! / Simplify, you slow the beat / Abbreviate, feature the beat / Quick now, fill in the gap! / I’m trying! / Writing it down, eliminate that which / You really would rap to me / Give ‘em the plastic like / Ge-ge-ge-get to the floor / Anyone gunna dance? / Boots and cats / [autotune] Joshua Ramsay

[ * I’m aware some lyrics are missing/inaccurate, send suggested corrections if you’d like ]

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